The truth is..

I used to have an Outlet... now I feel like I am being watched at all times.

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Maybe a little too much…

Today is not my day..

Nor was yesterday.. I’m getting in a bath.. for hours

I hate all cats.

This was said by someone at work.. who’s dog cannot sit still for 2 freaking seconds and wants to bit your hands 24 7. Shits in the house. Needs constant supervision. Meanwhile my cat minds her own business. Cuddles. Eats when she is hungry. Brings me sock mice. Poops in a box and not in the house. And reminds me that she is awesome on a daily basis

I’ve been taking a break..

Not that I have been wanting to neglect this blog. But I have been neglectful. Lets face it. My time has been spread thin between work, friends and boyfriend. I just don’t use my phone much more than texting. I know this is a main priority in my life and I still will be here for anyone who wants to talk. but I can’t stake 100% of my time here and still managed to function properly. I love this blog more than words can describe and try to update often. Just know that I am not gone forever and all you need to simply do in send a message I will answer. =]

Just a mini Update on life:

I am expecting two Nieces in a matter of months… the first one being born in September. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HER! she is going to be stunning and beautiful. The second one is due November ish December. We shall see how that will go..¬†

Family is fighting per usual. Nothing i haven’t heard. Nothing I can’t handle.

Work is work. I was Salon professional on the month in August. so that’s exciting.

but other than that… Brandon and I are 1.5 years strong.

Love him to bits. He is such a help when i need it.

Until Next time.


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