The truth is..

I used to have an Outlet... now I feel like I am being watched at all times.

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My weekend in a nut shell. .. a few hiccups but this was a top notch weekend!

I actually hit the damn thing in the end… but i suck at aiming!!! #girlswithguns #fathersday #aim #country

Surviving Nuva-ring..

I want to open up about something that most teenage and young adult women need to understand. Birth control. Yes it’s a huge issue with parents and girls. But be honest when talking to them about being on birth control.
A year ago I was starting my Nuva-ring. I chose this brand out of convenience. I didn’t have to stress or remember if I took a pill. Little did I know. That only taking this for a month, I would spiral. This medicine made me aggitated, nervous, anxiety ridden and most terrifyingly depressed.

I hid the fact that I was taking birth control from my parents because I didn’t want the talk about being sexually active. Blah blah blah. I was living on my own.. and decided one weekend to go see my boyfriend and his family 2.5 hours away.

So you know an amazing open road drive.. sun on my face.. wind in my hair.. just me and music and time to think… wrong.. thinking was the worst option while pumping high doses of hormones and estrogen with progesterone. . Every semi.. large truck.. trailer basically anything moving I was close my eyes and imagine what a horrific scene would appear if I just snuck over the line..

What if I just hit it.. head on.. flying at 75mph. . What would happen… then my stress kicked in.. hitting territory I was unfamiliar with.. traffic started to pile up.. by the time I got to the lake my mood was terrible I wanted to just drink.. and drink. .

I had to do something. I was not this person. My boyfriend noticed how distant I became.. that second drive home was the same thoughts only at night!

Needless to say I had a 4 am melt down moving back to my parents and finally coming clean just 3 months after taking the Nuva-ring. I called my doctor in morning and immediately stopped.

And even though it’s been a new year with a new birth Control.. I still am dealing with the Nuva-ring. It’s been the reason. I gained wait..

So basically I want girls to do research.. understand the pros and cons… it’s definitely not what you want to go through.. it’s dark.. and it was already Grey before.

Haha I just needed to get this out!

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